Saturday, November 7, 2009

Summit Point Friday @ The Track!

On November 6th at Summit Point Raceway, ELB Racing successfully shook down the 1972 Pinto Vintage Racer. This was not only ELB's first outing in the Pinto, it was also driver Jim Karamanis' first day running in an advanced group.

Photo of ELB Racing's Ralph Pagington checking & adjusting tire pressures.

In typical beginner / medium groups, passing is only allowed by point by on straightaways. In the advanced group, passing can take place anywhere, but only by point by. The experience of riding side-by-side through the carousel and other tight corners at Summit Point raceway, with 26 other cars on track, was invaluable. Right now the car is still much more capable than the driver. But, it was a very productive and safe showing for the vintage Pinto and the driver received high marks and showed great improvement throughout the day.

The ELB crew also shook down this 1987 BMW 325is for the first time. Driver Krisjan Berzins was clearly one of the smoothest drivers in the beginners group and received exceptional marks from his instructor throughout the day. Both driver and car performed at a high-level. Expect to see much more of this pair in the future. This is one fast BMW!


  1. You took it out! You probably still have a grin plastered on your face, huh? Congrats!

  2. Absolutely, the car is a lot of fun. Hope to see you at a future track day.