Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rainy Weather Preparation

As mentioned in previous posts, operating a race car under an extremely low budget leads to some interesting challenges. Our open trailer is just large enough for our vintage race car, small enough to fit in our residential driveway, but doesn't provide any protection from the elements. Not that this is a problem during regular storage as the race car sits in a garage. But, towing in less than desirable weather conditions can lead to a soaken wet race car interior.

A little water doesn't bother us too much. But, the chance of the cars electronics being victim to the elements is something we would rather not deal with during a race weekend. To that end, we purchased some Plexiglass and decided to make removable windows.

At $53 a sheet, the Plexiglass isn't particularly cheap. But, it is fairly easy to work with. We were able to get fairly decent cuts with a jig saw. These windows aren't exactly pretty, but should do the job just fine.

The rear lexan window has holes drilled through it to allow air to escape the interior. A piece of plexiglass was fabricated to sit across this as well to keep as much water out as possible.

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