Thursday, June 3, 2010

End of an Era

Unfortunately, it is the end of the road for the Mercury Brand. Not a surprise to Mercury car buffs, as Ford has been exercising 'badge engineering' with Mercury for a number of years, which has absolutely killed the brand. But, fortunately for us, the Classic Mercury Cougar and other great Mercury cars of the past will live on forever in our hearts.

Here at ELBRacing we have been deeply involved in the Classic Cougar car scene for a number of years. We have open tracked and autocrossed these cars, and have been charter members of the Delmarva Cougar Club ( Check out Delmarva Cougar Club member Phillip Payne on camera explaining the demise of the brand:  

In racing news, ELBRacing will be making an appearance @ Summit Point Raceway, Friday June 4th for a day of Open Practice. Stay tuned for photos and video of that upcoming event.

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