Sunday, January 17, 2010

History of a Race Car

Given the recent purchase of the Pinto Race car, we are trying to learn about its past racing history. We know for sure that the car was originally built for the Trans-Am 2.5 series. However, the car was not completed in time (Alfa Romeo and BMW quit the series after getting thrashed by the BRE Datsuns, ending the 2.5 series after 1972) and thus ran in alternate events, such as regional SCCA. According to the log books that we have, the car was raced at many SCCA events, and perhaps even an IMSA event, though it is hard to tell. Many of the Trans-Am 2.5 series cars ended up in IMSA, so this would make good sense. The SCCA log book that we currently have goes back to 1979 and the actual history of the car from 1972 - 1979 is currently unknown. The following pictures of the car are attached to the log book:

The car was mostly raced in Texas and Colorado, but apparently was also raced in solo racing by a previous owner and won an SCCA championship. The races we have in the SCCA log book, showing three different drivers, are as follows:

1.Adios to Summer 8/18/79
2.Greater Southwest National Championship Road Races 9/15/79
3.Indian Summer IV 10/5/80
4.Whopper School + Regional 11/16/80
5.COV(best guess, hard to read) 9/4/82
6.Lake Afton GP 8/11/83
7.La Junta DSR 4/1/86
8.1st Chance At 2nd Creek 6/28/86
9.Hayatt Riot 7/19/86
10.DS/R 8/2/86
11.La Junta School Regional 10/1/88
12.Enduro 12/23/88
13.La Junta, Co 6/4/89
14.Double National (Colorado Region) 7/8/89
15.Double National (Colorado Region) 8/19/89
16.SCR School Region 4/4/92
17.Double Regional 9/19/92
18.Mead S/R 10/11/92
19.MARRS 6 (Washington DC Region) 8/10/96

The car was then purchased by the most recent owners in 1996. At this point, it was a worn out old race car, but the body (and even the original paint) were still in good shape. So they restored and updated the drive-train in order to take the car vintage racing. Here is what the car looked like when they purchased it:


They ran the following events with SVRA (including some IMSA reunion events):

1.Pocono 7/97
2.All Grahan (best guess, hard to read) 8/15/97
3.Summit Point Blue Gray 97
4.AVGP 10/16/97
5.Pocono 7/30/98
6.Summit Point Blue Gray 10/1/98
7.Roebling Road Easter In Savannah 4/1/99
8.Mid-Ohio 6/25/99
9.Pocono 7/29/99
10.Watkins Glen Zippo US GP 9/8/99
11.Summit Point Blue Gray 9/30/99
12.Moroso Spookfest 10/28/99
13.Summit Point Blue Gray 9/29/2000
14.VIR Inaugural 10/12/2000
15.Summit Point Blue Gray 10/9/2001
16.Mid Ohio SVRA 2002
17.Pittsburgh Vintage GP 07/2006

We will continue to share more about the history of this race car as we learn it. But for now, we're thrilled to own a race car with great history and patina!